How Glory Goes

In The Starlight, That Is What We Are

16 February 1988
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I'm a student at Harvard University, currently pursuing a Music concentration, with a secondary field in English and American Literature and Language. I'm an aspiring musical theater composer/lyricist, a singer, and a once and future saxophonist.

When I was in elementary school, I wanted to be a political consultant. That's the kind of kid I was.

I'm kind of OCD. And I'm kind of ADD. And I'm kind of Jewish. I figure they mostly cancel each other out. I have curly hair, and I bite my fingernails like no one you will ever meet.

Let's be friends!

*NOTE* I just started writing in here again. I may continue using it, I may not. I do read my friendspage pretty frequently, and even comment sometimes.

Also, I'll friend just about anyone back, because I'm a livejournal WHORE. But, if you don't tell me you're adding me, I can't add you back. So, for the love of God, drop me a comment when you friend me.